Aim Higher.

In our opinion street lighting is at the pinnacle of demand in the world of LED.

Most will think of motorways and residential road but what about your security lighting or that lighting your estate?

The reality is that street light fittings have likely been in-situ for 10-20+ years. With a high majority of components required not even supported in the current market.

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Stratus™ Street Light

Head Out The Clouds.

Our in-house design team have developed a versatile range of fittings.

All of which cater to low level (4/6m installs) up to much higher (12m+). From a technological standpoint our Stratus™ and Alto-Stratus™ deliver a whopping 120 lumens per watt.

That coupled with high powered Meanwell drivers allows us to offer our customers a solution set to last over two decades.

Alongside our standard on/off units we also offer our customers the ability to tailor the fitting.

This could be via a designated lighting control system, Photocell or Solar PV. Whichever route LED By Vision can cater to the requirements.

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