Making Good.

This is an element of our business we hold close to our hearts.

As for many business that started in the early years of LED, at that time retrofit was the way forward. As times have moved on and full fitting solutions have become more affordable the emphasis on retrofit has lessened.

LED By Vision’s technical team still believe there will always be a need for retrofit lighting. That it ultimately comes down to what is best for the customers environment.

There is and always will be a specific need for retrofit options in the lighting world.

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Best For You.

A question we always quiz ourselves with is "what is best for the customer"?

That may sound obvious but by asking it we actually mean is. Not what is the ideal product or best for LED By Vision to sell. What works best for the customers return on investment (ROI), so long as the demand on light levels are met by the suggestion.

Over the years we have learned, not all projects are about lighting excellence. On the flip side some are and savings takes a back seat.

These are the details LED By Vision go to very early on to avoid discrepancies and to make sure we deliver the required results.

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