Fit For Purpose.

The most notable point about LED By Vision full fitting solutions is that ALL are built keeping in mind that our customers can take advantage of “Enhanced Capital Allowances” (ECA).

We are proud to lay claim that all full fitting lights we produce meet and exceed guidelines. Moving to a new full fitting lighting solution produced by LED By Vision will often mean we can heavily reduce the number of current fittings.

I mean imagine not only dropping 80% per fitting but then also dropping nearly 30% of what was!

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What This Means For You.

It means that our “super-green” credentials push our full fittings in-line with the “Enhanced Technology List” (ETL).

Unlike outdated and inefficient lighting which becomes a depreciating asset, LED By Vision full fittings can be 100% off-set against taxable profits IN FULL (within the 12 months of purchase).   

A percentage of installation can usually be included in this HUGE tax saving (please consult your financial advisors for accurate details here).

Feel free click below for a full list of applicable products. All LED By Vision eligible fittings will be visible via the following logo……..


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