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LED By Vision have thrived in recent years within this sector, designing products that deliver unrivalled light levels from extreme heights.

Making this sector not just about big powerful lights but more so about efficiency. By efficiency we mean how light is delivered, an example being an open-plan warehouse versus that of one with racking.

Our unique range of lamps and fittings also encompass microwave sensor intelligence as well as daylight sensing and dimming.

Let our in-house experts work with you on lighting designs to pre-determine results and minimise unnecessary capital expenditure.



Lighting your world.

Warehouse & Distribution businesses usually have one thing in common, huge running costs. Heavily out-dated and high consuming lighting technology can be high up the to-do list when it comes to rapid ROI’s.

That coupled with the challenges of access in high traffic zones and all lead to the same pitiful. Those being more unnecessary spend.

Featured Case Study:

Westcoast Ltd (Theale)


IT Distribution


LED By Vision 100w LED High Bays & LED By Vision LED Tubes

WestCoast Before 1
WestCoast After 1

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