Where we fit in.

In our experience Hospitality over numerous other sectors involves far more a consultative based approach.

What most forget is that there is just as much (if not more) back of house areas to consider (corridors, laundry & loading bays to name a few). It is here that LED By Vision has an unrivalled ability to deliver a turn-key offering for such customers.

LED By Vision also offer solutions with integrated emergency and sensor technology, harvesting further savings through efficiency. Also avoiding large re-wiring costs that would be inevitable if such infrastructure isn’t already in place.

Let us work with you from surveys all the way through to proposed lighting designs, all under one roof.

Lighting your world.

Like so many of the sectors we focus on Hospitality is one which demands 24/7 365 from lighting.

The challenges faced here are those personal preference, be it colour, light level control and a quality solution built to be put through its paces.

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