Where we fit in.


We have designed several of our full fitting solutions that immediately eliminate almost all problems faced in production and filling halls.

All of which have an IP rating to suit regular wash-down programmes. Carrying none of the previously associated risk elements.


Lighting your world.

Often an overlooked point but with most temperature controlled environments, regular failures of fluorescent or gas-fired lamps is very normal. You could say cold temperatures are the kryptonite to this technology. All of which leading to far regular and higher maintenance bills, some paybacks sped up by in excess of 50%, with the move to LED.

Worth mentioning that the cooler environments will likely dramatically prolong LED technology. Further reinforcing the move to LED financially for our customers.

It seems as though LED should be music to the ears of professionals in this sector.

The notorious challenges of past decades would involve eliminating dangerous gases and glass, dust ingress and heat.

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