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We’ve developed our range of IP65 LED high bay solutions to throw light efficiently to the ground whilst delivering against savings and maintenance requirements.

Going one step further in recent year by developing “intelligent lighting”. Giving the user ability to adjust the light levels, via dimming, occupancy sensors & daylight sensors.

All of which mean even faster ROI periods and maximum efficiency from LED By Vision solutions.


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Lighting your world.

Aviation based clientele have a huge demand for high bay lighting to deliver against requirements. One of the biggest hurdles being heights of up to 15m+ coupled with a need for high lux delivery.

Aircraft hangars and storage facilities need the lighting to be effective with a keen focus on safety.

It is also a sector where the premises in question can regularly change occupancy or status. This usually results in the customer wishing to adapt light delivery also. Not an easy feat with out-dated technology.


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