Introducing: LED Tube Lights (T8/T10/T12)

The LED By Vision™ Fluoro-Style T8 replacement tube range has been specifically engineered to retrofit into your existing fitting with the simplest of modifications, running self-sufficiently via an intergrated specified driver. With options from 2ft to 8ft (T8, T10 and T12) and to reduce installation time/cost, the lamps are assembled with a single ended wiring configuration falling in line with the "ADCO Low Voltage Directive" for safety and compliance.

Being a retrofit solution the range has been specifically designed to replace its predecessor on a "like for like" basis, firstly a translucent diffuser to eliminate any glare from the source of the chip delivering perfectly even distribution. Secondly a 140° beam angle to ensure the loss of 360 degree light doesn't impact light delivery to the specified location but at the same time minimising light pollution.

Rotatable end caps have been incorporated to eradicate problematic older fittings where the lamp may be facing the wrong way. The addition of this component also allows the customer to determine what is lit and to what degree.


Additional Benefits

Energy Savings


Maintenance Savings



Financial Savings


Carbon Savings


Energy Savings


Extra Lifespan


*Above statistics based on a 30W Bulb

Extreme Temperatures

Flicker free

Instant On

No Mercury Or Harmful Gas

Zero UV Emissions

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