Introducing: Sky Orb™

The LED By Vision Sky Orb™ is the first product in our innovative range that eliminates the need to opt for inefficient traditional high bays and current LED offerings on the market. The Sky Orb is supplied in both IP64 and IP65 rated housings making them suitable for all-weather environments.

The pure aluminium heat sinks are produced through die-casting to achieve maximum thermal conductivity. Further to this, the Sky Orb is our first product to incorporate Nano-Thermal coating technology. This draws heat away from the light source rapidly, which prolongs chip life and reduces degradation.

For businesses that have not wanted the expense of a full fitting LED high/low bay the LED of choice has namely been E27/E40 SON replacements. Whilst these products are popular units, they do go against the grain of what an LED solution should offer 360° a directional light source that limits light pollution. LED SON replacement lamps are fantastic for applications where 360° light is required. However, indoor industrial environments (as an example) require directional light which is key for optimal lux delivery.

The LED By Vision Sky Orb™ uses 25-30% less electricity in comparison to its LED SON counterpart the result being an impressive cost saving for the same light delivery.

Additional Benefits

Energy Savings


Maintenance Savings



Financial Savings


Carbon Savings


Energy Savings


Extra Lifespan


*Above statistics based on a 135W Bulb

Instant On

Retrofit LED Lighting

50,000 Hours Expectancy

Extreme Temperatures


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