Smart Lighting Control Systems

We leverage your building’s existing cabling infrastructure, with revolutionary powerline technology, to provide granular monitoring, control and internet connectivity for all of all your lighting.

With this control over your lighting, critical data driven decisions can be made to facilitate carbon reduction, cost reduction and compliance monitoring. 

What will a Smart Lighting Control System provide?

- Potentially up to 96.2% in energy savings through monitoring

- Full control over automated, self-test emergency lighting

- Compliance monitoring

- Building occupancy data

- Low install cost (use of existing powerlines)

Businesses are under increasing pressure
to save energy & become compliant.

What will a fully Enabled Icon
building provide?

- Direct energy saving from lighting, full compliance and automated emergency light testing are just some benefits. Find out more about our Smart Lighting Control Systems from our case study below.

How Enabled Works

Occupancy, usage and light levels are monitored constantly, data being sent back over the powerline to the EnabLED Control Platform (ECP).

Real-time energy measurement Energy use is monitored across the building. All of the usage data is logged and available for review or compliance monitoring via the web interface at any time.

Fully addressable lighting control - Monitor and control each luminaire to set light levels, PIR settings, daylight harvesting, schedules and schemes to improve lighting quality and efficiency.

No new wires - Guaranteeing you a low installation cost by using the existing powerlines to monitor, control and connect to the internet every new LED light in your building.

96.2% saving from a
fully Enabled Icon building

After 10 months of extremely hard work and product development, our first pilot of our new EnabLED platform was signed off with monumental results.

Having equipped our customer with the Smart Lighting Control System technology and reporting software, the results were realised from Week 1. Essentially, from old to new lighting we uncovered a whopping 96.2% in lighting energy savings.

Here's what energy savings were looking like in the first four phases.

Phase 1

The steepest incline in energy savings are achieved as existing infrastructure is upgraded with our smart lighting control.

Phase 2

Energy savings are still being realised as we enable highly granular energy monitoring and control throughout the premises - connecting to the internet anything that is mains powered.

Phase 3

Incremental energy savings are achieved as our technology helps the client make critical data driven decisions for process improvement.

Phase 4

EnabLED fully configured to the bespoke client needs and operational requirements.

"Once LED by vision had helped Claire's understand our baseline energy expenditure and costs, Claire's decided to proceed with a trial of the Tri-Light range, which were implemented seamlessly by the joint team. This trial covered various areas within the EU DC's mezzanine and racking zones, with varying traffic. Initial assessments indicated an ROI of circa 18 months, if the lighting was deployed through the EU DC.

In addition to benefitting from Enhanced Capital Allowance, the solution offered indicated annual energy savings in excess of 96%, generating cash savings of in excess of £150,000 over 5 years and slightly improving on the ROI of 18 months

I would not hesitate to engage with Led By Vision again; their accommodating nature and professionalism made this a very easy and pleasurable experience for Claire’s."

M. Brown, Claire’s, Group Supply Chain Director

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