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Precision Profiles is a leading supplier of steel & non-ferrous materials, fasteners, tools, profiling services and other specialist, engineered products to over 2500 the manufacturing and construction sectors.

The key objective for this project was to improve on the existing light levels within the office environment. Although T5 CAT 2 fittings were fitted it was highlighted that the light levels throughout the build were not adequate. LED By Vision proposed an upgrade to our 30w 600×600 Panel in Natural colour rendering with the client having the opportunity to review the light output prior to installation. The project significantly improved the light levels which met the client’s satisfaction, and overall electricity reductions of 53% were achieved.


"We are extremely pleased with the installation of the LED Panels. The old lighting would require regular maintenance and would require the bulbs to be replaced every couple of years or so, just to ensure lighting was good enough to work in. Every five years, the ballasts would need replacing, which would be a costly job. We needed a solution. The installation of the LED panels took very little time, require very little maintenance and will be far more energy efficient. For us, the savings are twofold."

Mike Anthony - Branch Manager (Fareham) - Precision Profiles

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