Our Approach.

This was a great win for us at LED By Vision™ as we tendered up against some other great brands. Not only that but Crown Lift Trucks are a market leader in lifting equipment, a company that has grown significantly in the past 5 years.

The environment was perfect for our fittings. 9m install heights and fittings that required relocation and re-design of the entire facility.

There was a huge issue with lighting in the repair bays, which was leading to longer lead times.

The results were a phenomenal 77% saving, delivering an ROI of sub 3 years. More importantly we doubled the light levels to meet requirements for the business.


  • Before 1

    Crown Before 1

    After 1

    Crown After 2
  • Before 2

    Crown before 2

    After 2

    Crown after 2

Annual Savings & Costs

Previous Lighting


Our Lighting


Total Savings


Return On Investment


Products used by Crown Lift Trucks

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