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Chequers Road Dental Practice is an established Dental Practice with heritage located in the heart of Basingstoke. The Clinical Director approached LED By Vision with a requirement for Daylight colour rendering in clinical areas.

It was highlighted that the use of Daylight rendering enhanced the service delivered by technicians to patients whilst improving the overall lighting experience. In summary there were 6 areas that required Daylight colour rendering. Whilst the main objective was to upgrade the existing colour rendering, our consultation also detailed that electricity reductions of 63% could be achieved with matching environmental and financial savings attributed to lighting. Our LED By Vision LED Tube range was the selected product of choice. The decision to use LED By Vision as the LED provider of choice was further reinforced by feedback received from other Dental Practices in Basingstoke where LED By Vision had delivered LED consultation and projects.


"LED by Vision were brought to my attention whilst looking the options for upgrading lighting. I'd also read a newspaper article about LED By Vision which affirmed their commitment to supporting local businesses and the community in becoming energy efficient through the use of their LED lighting products. The service I received was outstanding, and Tyrone's consultations and presentations were very clear and transparent. All required LED lighting was delivered on time and efficiently installed with minimal disruption to the everyday working schedule at the practice. I really liked the LED tubes that were installed as you can rotate them prior to and after installation even when in the fitting. This meant I could really direct the light where it was needed in both clinical and non-clinical areas. I'd highly recommend LED By Vision to anyone who is looking to upgrade their current lighting to LED."

Dr Milad Shadrooh - Clinical Director - Chequers Road Dental Practice

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