High Bay vs Low Bay LED Lighting

7 Ways LED Lighting Can Help Save Our Planet

The world today is abuzz with the advantages and benefits that LED lighting brings when compared to traditional lighting. A quick comparison of LED lighting to other forms of energy-saving lighting will reveal that LED lighting is the best out of them all, saving energy and providing people with smart solutions to their lighting problems. In fact, the benefits that LED lighting brings are so diverse, that it can help save our planet from environmental destruction. Here is a look at 7 such benefits.

LED Lighting Safety - LEDs, the solution to your poor office lighting

Illuminating your office in the correct manner can help reduce the number of sick days taken and make your staff happier and more productive. The cost of having the correct lighting fitted is far outweighed by the health benefits for your employees. Call our experts today for a free survey to find the best LED lighting solution for your office.

Do LED Lights Create Fire Risks?

Traditional lighting solutions are far more likely to be the cause of a fire than LED lights, but you may be concerned about the cost of installation. A LED retrofit could be the answer, so why not give us a call to find out more.

More Local Authorities Are Switching To LED Street Lighting

More and more councils are reducing their energy bills, and carbon footprint, by changing to LED street lighting. The savings can be millions of pound each year. If you want to save on your electricity and have a maintenance free lighting solution, call us right now on 01256 841 677.

Is LED Lighting the Best Solution for Your Business?

Progress in electric lighting systems had been enormous since Edison made the first commercial sales of light bulbs in 1880, but LED lights are the biggest technological advance for years. To find out more about how we can help with your full fitting LED lighting solution, call us today.

LED Commercial Lighting Overtaking Traditional Lights

The global market in LED commercial lighting is set to rise enormously between now and 2025. No matter where you are in the world, LED lights are more energy efficient, and some governments are even offering incentives so the change over to LED lights to be made.

LED Street Lighting - An Evaluation of Criticism

Whenever something new is installed, it draws feedback. Some positive, some negative. This is a characteristic of human nature as much as it speaks of the product or service being discussed.Quite often, an initial response is negative but this morphs in to positivity as the change becomes less of a stumbling block and acceptance is gained.

Take advantage of full fitting LED lighting

LED lighting represents the future and at LED by Vision we’re proud of our innovation, design and attention to detail. Our full fitting LED lighting range has been created to comply with the government initiative - ECA - Enhanced Capital Allowance.

Retrofit LED lighting solutions

Retrofit LED lighting has been prominent since the early days of development and it will always have a strong presence in LED lighting schemes.

LED Street Lighting for Local Authority and Commercial Sectors

We tend to take street lighting for granted and only notice it in its absence. We can generally tell someone about the time that the lighting broke down and the local authority had to fix it but do you consider the cost and energy implications of running street lighting? Could you estimate how much of your council tax is invested in lighting and do you wonder if that could be reduced?

Human-Centric LED Lighting

Recent news about the developments in human-centric LED lighting have intrigued the team here at LED by Vision. We think that you’ll be keen to learn more about blue LED lighting and how it could change your life positively.

Enhanced Capital Allowance - Why You Need To Know About It

Enhanced Capital Allowance is a government lighting scheme that allows business owners who would have been unable to afford a change to energy efficient lighting to take advantage of low carbon footprint, fully fitted LED lighting products. This means you and the planet thrive.

Government Lighting Scheme: ESOS

You may not be aware that there are government lighting schemes which can assist your business with the expense of installing efficient lighting that saves energy, has a lower carbon footprint and reduces costs considerably.

LED Lighting History, Why Is The Blue LED Special?

LED by Vision are proud to be a leading force in the UK community of LED lighting suppliers and designers. We appreciate the hard work, dedication and competence of all our global colleagues and inspirational figures. Here are three leading lights, please excuse the pun.

Street Lighting Solutions News

One town in the Netherlands has taken a novel approach to increase awareness. They have installed street lighting solutions on the pavements at a pedestrian crossing. This allows smartphone zombies to realise they are at a roadside and that when the light changes to green they are safe to cross the road. This mimics the traffic light colours so it’s universally understood.

Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions

We truly care about the environment, and having recently become Carbon Trust accredited our focus on low carbon footprint lighting is more important than ever. We thought carefully about our selection of outdoor LED lighting solutions, and have made sure that each one is a better alternative to Sodium and Metal Halide floodlights.

Office and Commercial Lighting Solutions

We know that with commercial lighting solutions, the “one size fits all” approach just won’t cut it. That’s why we’ve developed an impressive range of fully fitting and retrofit solutions, taking not only aesthetics into account, but also longevity and environmental impact.

LED By Vision – Our Offer to Segensworth Business Park

LED By Vision are passionate about helping local businesses to become energy efficient through the supply and installation of our LED lighting solutions. We appreciate that businesses need to keep the lights on and we’re committed to showing them how to do this in a cost effective way.

WEEE Recycle……….

WEEE Compliance – What this means for you….
Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is a huge spectrum of products from computers, fridges, washing machines, printers and faxes, and even fluorescent lighting

You’ve talked and we’ve listened….. Introducing the LED By Vision Tri-Light

You’ll see from a previous blog that we recently introduced the LED By Vision Luminous™ high bay range. This was designed to give customers choice when it comes to selecting an LED high bay that was both fit for purpose and aesthetically appealing in the installed environment.

Introducing the Luminous™ high bay range

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest industrial LED creation – the Luminous™ range of low and high bay solutions.

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