The Need For Battery Powered Emergency LED Lights

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Emergency lighting is a legal requirement in the UK. Making sure you stay compliant can reduce the chance of any unnecessary risks or fines later on. It is a health and safety rule that can save lives. If your building loses electrical power and is plunged into darkness, emergency LED lighting will provide the best lighting to ensure everyone can safely find their way out.

As soon as the system detects your mains power is off, the battery powered emergency LED lighting will come on. This will also include any ‘EXIT’ or instruction signs also powered as part of the emergency system.

Compliancy Is Crucial

Failing to comply with the health and safety regulations is more common than you might think, with many business owners simply not being fully aware of what is required by law.

Sometimes a failure to comply is caused by additional construction work that took place after the system was installed. Even fairly minor work, such as moving a partition wall and some doors, can impact the effectiveness of your emergency LED lighting. Other common areas people can slip up are:

Once the lighting has been used it is important to check the batteries still have sufficient power, and recharge them where necessary.

Not adhering to a proper test schedule. Checking your emergency lighting at regular intervals is required, and your local fire service can ask to see the record of your tests.

Performing routine maintenance at the proper recommended intervals. This can lead to your LED solution not being to the standard required by legislation.

If your emergency lighting is found to be non-compliant you can be prosecuted. Health and safety is always taken seriously and there have been many instances of people receiving heavy fines and imprisonment for this offence. Without the correct emergency lighting installed and properly maintained, you’re risking the lives and wellbeing of everyone in the building.

Emergency Lighting Signage

A full professionally designed and installed LED solution does more than just provide emergency lights. It will include a full range of signs, fire exit lights, and any additional information you need to display to raise awareness. LED lights will also give off more light than older systems, and be more efficient, maximising the length of the backup battery life.

Keep Your Building Safe

Do not let yourself fall outside the law. Keep your emergency lighting up to date, keeping your building and employees safe. For assistance with all emergency LED lighting services you should get in touch with LED By Vision, the one stop shop for all your LED lighting needs.

Our lighting experts will evaluate your emergency lighting needs, and design a system that is up to date and compliant. This will give you complete peace of mind when dealing with an emergency situation or the local authorities compliance department. Contact us today to find out about how our friendly and professional team can help you.

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