The Major Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED Lighting

There are several factors driving our business decisions. We are often motivated by good economic sense. Sometimes it’s environmental concerns. Occasionally the decision to implement changes comes from an external source, such as new health and safety legislation.

Whatever your current motivation is, it’s rare to encounter a product that caters to every aspect. Making the right decision has never been so easy, and here’s some of the reasons why.

Savings On Every Level


Switching to LED lighting will reduce your energy consumption substantially. This saving alone can often justify the switch, but a well-designed LED installation will save you money in many more ways.

Simply switching your existing fittings for LED ones can reduce the potential savings. Having a site survey performed by professionals allows a lighting design package to be created that will provide the optimal lighting solution for your business. In many cases a well-designed LED set-up requires fewer fittings, reducing the initial capital outlay and the ongoing running costs.

You will also save money on your annual maintenance costs. LEDs have a far longer lifespan than more traditional solutions, reducing the need to buy replacement bulbs.

Bolster Your Environmental Conscience

A quality LED installation is as kind to the planet as it is to your bank balance. The reduced energy usage means you are using less of our natural resources, and having a far smaller impact on the environment.

Another area where LEDs come out on top is lifespan and recycling. A far longer period between replacement means less waste is produced. When you do replace and dispose of LEDs, you can rest easy knowing they contain none of the toxins associated with some lighting products, and are also far easier to recycle.

A Happier Workplace

While the impact of this is a little harder to quantify, we believe most would agree a happier workplace is a more productive workplace. A reduction in ambient noise and unpleasant emissions will be an improvement, but the benefits are more far reaching than you may initially think.

As LED development has continued the quality of light they produce has improved. LEDs now offer a much wider spectrum of lighting, as well as rendering that is far closer to natural sunlight. The lighting can be designed to enhance the work environment, rather than simply providing a blanket of light.

As innovation continues we are seeing growing interest in human centric installations. These are specifically designed to work in harmony with our circadian rhythms and natural biology. The programmable nature of LEDs allows them to be configured to always provide the optimal lighting for any given task.

LED By Vision Leads The Way

Despite our very strong customer centric ethos, we can also provide all of the services from consultation and site survey, through to design and cost analysis. We are so confident in our own abilities we offer a 5 year comprehensive guarantee on all lighting solutions. Fill out the contact form to book a complimentary evaluation. Saving money, the environment, and your workers has never been so easy.

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