Take advantage of full fitting LED lighting

600 x 600 LED panel

Did you know that 40% of your energy bill is lighting related? Make the change to LED lighting solutions and enjoy a plethora of benefits.


LED lighting represents the future and at LED by Vision we’re proud of our innovation, design and attention to detail. Our full fitting LED lighting range has been created to comply with the government initiative, ECA, Enhanced Capital Allowance.

Conversion to a full fitting LED lighting system often results in less fittings.

Clients enjoy full confidence in our customer service, design skills, installations and aftercare. We manage every project from the first contact through to completion and beyond. You deserve excellence, with us, you’ll have it.

Full fitting LED lighting systems significantly reduce energy consumption which lowers expenditure and offers the most efficient, technology driven and stylish designs with exceptionally high levels of clarity and visibility. Often, productivity and concentration suffer with standard lighting products, this issue can be resolved by installing LED lighting solutions. The light is fit for purpose and you’ll see the benefits in your profit column.

LED by Vision currently has a 10% discount available when you use the code LBVFUL10. We’re already very competitively priced so this additional discount is far too good to miss. (Valid till 1st Jan 2018)

We carry out a site survey and design your bespoke LED lighting system. A complimentary evaluation is a primary benefit of using our firm. “Test-drive” a lighting product on site for 14 days at no cost. A trial allows you to appreciate the LED lighting, the full fitting solutions and the impact that can be made in financial and operational terms.

Through our team’s cost analysis and payback reporting service we calculate the outlay and return on investment for you. This can be invaluable for management and board members to see what a full fitting LED lighting system investment means for the business, short and long term, so that a reasoned decision can be made.

Our partners, from project management to electrical contractors, are trusted and well respected. At LED by Vision, we deliver the best services and products so why would we allow ourselves to fall short during installation? You deserve excellence and with us it is guaranteed.

5 years on site labour availability, a 5 year guarantee, recognition of the importance of ECA to clients and our Carbon Trust accredited status have led LED by Vision to be renowned market leaders. We’d be delighted to work with you on your LED lighting solution.

Full fighting examples:

2D lighting

This LED option is IP54 rated which means it can be used outdoors, under shelter and in wash down and wet rooms. Achieve energy savings of 63% and maintenance savings of 95%. ECA qualifying.

The Tri-light

This product is IP65 rated so it is suitable for all weather usage, it has been tested to IK10 for impact resilience.

Enjoy energy savings of 70% and maintenance savings of 95%. ECA qualifying.

Please contact us for more information about full fitting LED lighting systems.

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