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LED by Vision are leading experts for LED lighting and we are always eager to supply lighting solutions to clients in industrial and commercial premises. We eat, sleep and breath LED lighting so feel free to place your trust in our technical and cost saving capabilities.

We’re so confident that we won’t be beaten on quality or price that we have a payback promise plus a five year guarantee.

LED lighting offers cost benefits which most people don’t realise.

Our unique savings calculator is a useful device which will re-educate you about the cost implications of using LED lights.

Why not give the calculator a try? You may be surprised by how much you could potentially save your business. In an age when every penny counts, why pay more than you need to for any resource or utility?


Expect excellence

From LED ceiling panels to commercial outdoor lighting, from candle bulbs to floodlights we have innovation and skills to make your lighting dreams a reality in a professional, cost effective and hassle free manner.

No two industrial premises or clients are the same so we evolve lighting designs with you, the client, as our top priority. We do much more than bung a couple of LED ceiling panels up or bulbs in and wander off in to the sunset!

We are proud to have a selection of electrical contractors and wholesale distributors as partners and a rather gratifying amount of positive client testimonials. We’ve worked hard and will continue to do so. We don’t offer good enough or adequate solutions, LED by Vision are renowned for excellence.


LED lighting examples:

LED ceiling panels:

Our 45 watts daylight LED ceiling panels are a firm favourite with clients. Using them can save you approximately 75% on your bill. The ceiling panel is dropped in to a suspended ceiling or installed with a mounting. It is slimline, just 12mm in height, diffuses heat through an aluminium frame and is convenient and efficient.

We realised that 9/10 times these LED ceiling panels were chosen it would be for an office environment so our ceiling panels distribute light evenly, are anti-glare and don’t flicker unlike fluorescent lights.

Commercial outdoor lighting:

If you need outdoor LED lighting then one of our leading options is the 80 watts industrial floodlight with 50000 hours life. It features precision engineered electrical components and a superior powder coated steel outer and tempered glass. It doesn’t feature harmful gases or UV emissions.

Compact commercial outdoor lighting floodlights are also available.

Emergency lighting:

Emergency lighting is an important addition in an industrial environment.

We have the exemplary 3 watts standalone option which has been designed for users who want to upgrade to optimum efficiency LED lighting. It is prewired for swift installation and lasts for over 3 hours in an emergency. Its red light signals a fault, green means that its battery need charging. What could be simpler, or more effective, in a crisis?

Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team, we hold your LED lighting solution.

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