Retrofit LED lighting solutions

sky orb retro fit LED light

Retrofit LED lighting has been prominent since the early days of development and it will always have a strong presence in LED lighting schemes.


LED lighting provides…


  • Optimum visibility and clarity.
  • Significant energy and cost savings.
  • A low carbon footprint.
  • Efficient and long lasting lighting solutions.
  • Increased productivity and concentration levels.
  • All weather lighting for numerous applications.


LED by Vision also offers…


  • Exceptional customer service. We manage a project from start to finish.
  • Current special offer: 10% off by using code LBVRET1. (Valid till January 1st 2018) 
  • LED lighting solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.
  • Top level design and technology.
  • Several years of expertise and experience.
  • Competitive pricing on all LED retrofit options.
  • A 5 year guarantee.
  • Up to 5 years on site labour availability.
  • We are proud to be a Carbon Trust accredited supplier.
  • Government scheme compliant products for the financial aspect of sourcing/ upgrading lighting to LED.

The lighting in your commercial or industrial premises may not strike you as a top priority but the lighting accounts for up to 40% of every energy bill. If you are currently working with standard lighting your system is costing you money that can be saved with just a little effort.

LED by Vision are market leaders in LED lighting services because our core motivation is to solve lighting problems to clients’ satisfaction, and hopefully to exceed their expectations. We listen, evaluate and work with the client to guarantee excellence. No two LED lighting systems are the same.

Our site surveys are integral to providing your optimum solution and our designs are clear to understand and expertly crafted.

Our commitment to ensuring that the LED lighting products we recommend work in your environment and for your purposes is shown through a 14 day trial. This is a key benefit to all concerned. If there is any aspect of a retrofit lighting solution that doesn’t meet your needs, we start again and you can “test-drive” as many lighting options as it takes for you to be fully confident in your final choice’s suitability.

Alongside this, we have the tools to calculate the outlay, return on investment and deliver this information within 48 hours. You should be pleasantly surprised by the ROI.

Our trusted industry partners work with our design team to facilitate a smooth transition to LED lighting solutions and we’ve become renowned for our relationships with our electrical contractors and project managers, clients and industry figures.


LED retrofit solutions are popular with many clients.

Why not speak to one of the LED by Vision team about the retrofit LED lighting range, including the R20 bulb and the Flouro-Style T8 tubes.

The R20 offers 91% energy savings and 95% maintenance savings, employs chip on board technology, maximum longevity lumen output and outstanding light quality.

The T8 tubes offer energy savings of 63%, maintenance savings of 95% and has an additional lifespan of 40000 hours. Tubes can be installed in to existing fittings with slight modifications.

We’re here to help you to reconfigure your lighting to LED, and don’t forget to use code LBVRET1 to save 10%.

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