More Local Authorities Are Switching To LED Street Lighting

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The cost of street lighting for a whole county is enormous, and with the pressure local authorities are under to make savings, and reduce their carbon footprint, street lighting is one of the areas many of them are looking at. When you are talking of possibly saving millions of pounds each year, it is no wonder that LED street lighting solutions are one of the favourite options.


Surrey, for instance currently spends £3.5 million a year on lighting its streets. It has 89,000 streetlights and over 40,000 of those are turned off between midnight and 5 am in an effort to save money. If energy prices continue to increase at between 5 and 14 per cent a year, in 10 years the bill will have turned into £15 million, and in 20 years could be as high as £55 million. It should be no surprise that they are seeking ways to stop this happening, and LED street lighting is the solution they have come up with.

The proposal is that they invest £18.5 million over the next three years in swapping all their streetlights to LED, a move that they expect to reduce their energy costs by 60 per cent, and help reduce the carbon tax they have to pay.


Flintshire has already completed the first phase of changing to LED street lighting, having swapped 12,000 of them already. They are aiming to change all their street lights as soon as possible, as they are impressed with how the latest technology in LED street lighting produces a clearer white light for a lower wattage. Their estimate of the reduction in their street lighting bills is up to £3 million a year.


On a smaller scale, Vale Council is looking to change to a complete LED street lighting solution. They predict that the cost savings will be over £370,000 a year, and that 1,338 less tonnes of carbon dioxide would be the result. They do not have the finance to continue with the project so have been looking for an interest free loan. The Welsh Government helps to provide interest free loans for energy efficient projects in the public sector, and the council is hoping to be able to take advantage of this.

Changing to LED Lighting

LED Lighting is becoming the leader in all lighting solutions, whether it is for street lighting, commercial lighting, illuminating car parks, in factories, warehouses, shops, homes and just about anywhere else you can think of. If you think it is time for you to make the changeover, get in touch with us at LED By Vision. We will ensure that the best lighting solution for you is found, and provide you with a 5-year guarantee on all the products we use.

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