Making Your Office More Productive in 2018

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Would you like your office to be more productive in 2018? There are several things you can do to achieve this without spending a fortune. A study has shown that at least half of the UK’s working population are unhappy in their job, and it is not always more pay or better hours that people change jobs for. Often it is because of their working conditions, and because they do not feel appreciated. Making a few little changes can alter this, and suddenly the staff become happier, and the happier they are the more productive they are.

Adjust the Temperature and Lighting

There is an Italian architect who went to extremes and used digital technology to give every employee an app that adjusted the temperature and lighting in their area, almost like creating a bubble for each of them that could be adjusted to suit them.

Most employers would not have the knowledge or the resources to go that far, but you can make sure they are warm and have adequate lighting without any huge expense. In fact, changing your office lighting to LED lights will not only give a better more even and easily adjustable light, it will reduce your energy bills as well.

Little Things Mean a Lot

Little things can let them know they matter, and as their boss you are concerned for their well-being. It costs nothing to say a few words to someone as you pass their workstation, but can mean a lot to a member of staff when the boss bothers to speak to them, even if it is about work. Alternatively, an occasional email or note will do the trick. Humans are basically vain creatures, and it is simple to boost someone’s ego without putting a strain on the finances. Training is another thing that will help to make them feel you care about them as employees, that you are investing in their future.

It does not take much to make you staff more productive, and in the long run that has to be good for your business.

We Can Help with The Lighting

Much of what you may need to do to make your office more productive in 2018 is down to you. When it comes to making sure they are working in the best lighting, we are the experts you need.

LED lights can be installed as a retrofit or a complete new installation, depending on the condition of the existing light fittings. For a free survey, without any obligation, give us a call and let us tailor design a system to suit your needs. We will discuss all the different options, and can include your staff in the talks so they know their opinion matters.

At LED By Vision, we always put your requirements before anything else. Give us a call today on 01256 841667 and see how we can help you. If you prefer you can email us at, or complete our contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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