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Globally it has been recognised that LED lighting solutions are substantially more energy efficient and cost effective than the available alternatives. It is not the only concern when councils or businesses are looking to illuminate outside areas, or roads.

LED street lighting optimises visibility with a clearer and brighter light over targeted areas.

Street lighting solutions are not just useful for the residential roads, but also for motorways, car parks and outdoor shopping centres.

LED Lighting For Motorways

Lighting of our motorways has been a problem for many years. During off-peak hours lighting has been switched off in areas that it was thought safe to do so, initially with very little impact on speed and accidents. Eventually a small increase was noted in the amount of accidents in the chosen areas during the ‘dark’ period. The practice has divided opinion ever since its introduction, but the Highways Agency persisted, trying to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

As the data has continued to build and paint a clearer picture Highways Agency England has realised they must find another way. As a national first they have recently replaced just over 1600 motorway and A-road lights with their LED counterpart throughout Yorkshire. Because the new lights are 53% more efficient they provide a saving equivalent to lighting 20,000 homes and completing over 380,000 washing machine loads. The lights alone save more than 700 tonnes of carbon a year. If adopted nationwide the savings in cost and environmental benefits would be enormous.

As an added bonus these new lights will mean less disruption for drivers, as no routine maintenance will be required.

Street Lighting For Car Parks

Accidents in car parks are very common. Cars often bump into each other, or hit pedestrians. Thankfully the vast majority of these accidents happen at low speeds. Sub-standard lighting increases the likelihood of these accidents. Sometimes proper lighting for car parks is overlooked because of the installation and running costs. That no longer needs be the case. It does not matter whether you want to light an indoor or outdoor car park, the design team at LED By Vision will work with you to find the best LED lighting solution to match your needs and your budget.

Our experts will be able to explain to you how outside lights need to be dust free and watertight, particularly in a storm. You need lights that are robust enough to withstand high winds and heavy rain, and still provide the ideal lighting for your outside area.

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