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We tend to take street lighting for granted and only notice it in its absence. We can generally tell someone about the time that the lighting broke down and the local authority had to fix it but do you consider the cost and energy implications of running street lighting? Could you estimate how much of your council tax is invested in lighting and do you wonder if that could be reduced?

Many commercial premises feature floodlights so that staff have safe immediate access to and from the building but it’s the local authority who bear the responsibility of providing visibility enhancing street lighting across the borough and in their car parks.

In an era of environmental awareness and budget cuts running alongside a government initiative concerned with energy and climate, an increasing number of local authorities are seeking more cost and energy efficient street lighting solutions. One of the latest local authorities to install LED street lighting is Bracknell Forest.

Whilst their decision to install LED street lighting carries a £7.3 million fee the substantial savings of £12million over 25 years and up to 30% by 2030, plus a much smaller carbon footprint resulting in less carbon tax, LED street lighting soon presented itself as the best operational and financial answer to replace over 13000 lamp lights in the Bracknell Forest area. The aging concrete posts are being replaced by steel columns for maximum benefits. A central control room will manage the LED lighting.

Understanding LED Street Lighting

LED street lighting utilises less electricity and has a longer lifespan than lamps; the highest levels of performance and increased visibility are guaranteed with cutting edge developments from leading LED lighting specialists like us. LED By Vision innovate, explore possibilities, test materials and how products react to weather conditions. We are incredibly proud of our Stratus LED street lighting because we know it’s an asset to any local authority or commercial body that selects it.

We appreciate that return on investment is often as important as the product. Satisfying ROI’s are a benefit to local authorities with a tight hold on the budget.

In a commercial application, The Camping and Caravanning Club Ltd. is a prime example of how our Stratus LED street lighting positively impacts on expenditure, carbon footprints and performance.

The street lighting which covered their car park area was a considerable drain on their resources so we recommended and installed the 35w Stratus LED street lighting and removed their 70w sodium bulbs. Each fitting delivered a 50% or greater saving. The ROI for their installation is 3 years, 8 months.

Maintenance costs are lowered by up to 95%.

Please contact us to learn more about how LED street lighting and commercial lighting solutions will hugely improve your energy and cost outlay.

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