LED Light Bulbs Represent The Future

LED Light Bulbs

Interestingly, as LED leads the way in lighting innovation it seems that some people are still nervous about LED’s optimum efficiency and cost saving lighting solutions.

As specialists, the team at LED by Vision can assure you that LED lighting systems and LED light bulbs represent the future and leave a low carbon footprint. You’ll be happy to adopt them.

The LED Light Bulbs Temperature Is Vital

An important lesson learned by Simon Brammer from the campaign group 10:10 has been about LED light bulbs temperature which is measured in Kelvin. A warm white, his personal favourite, reminds him of the old-fashioned tungsten bulbs and is approximately 2700 Kelvin. His article in The Guardian is an interesting read.


LED lighting specialists have noticed trends, people who live in colder climates generally opt for warm LED light bulbs and residents in hot countries prefer starker choices, particularly blue and white.

The lighting solution specialists in our professional and experienced team are keen to help clients to recognise which LED light bulbs and temperatures they feel suits them.

Lighting comprises up to 40% of every energy bill

You’ll find that even if you have an alternative power source like solar panelling on a roof that throughout the night the electricity is consumed far too rapidly by standard lighting. Switching to LED lighting solutions and taking expert advice is a wise decision; economically, environmentally and for efficiency.


Altering your lighting to LED is simple and you’ll notice a considerable reduction in energy usage and bill amounts. Whilst in some instances you can change one kind of light bulb to LED light bulbs, please talk to us first. Safety is paramount.

As LED lighting solution specialists, we urge clients to change the whole section of lighting at one time, this delivers maximum benefits from installation. Why would we recommend you spending and using more than you need to on lighting by phasing the changes?

We sometimes hear the quibble that as standard and halogen lights give off heat the introduction of LED light bulbs will increase the heating bills. We are compelled to answer that heating via light bulbs is highly inefficient. Heat rises so clients are not really receiving benefits at floor level.

We have a variety of LED lighting solutions which have been designed to meet the needs of clients across many applications and situations. As guidance, 100W standard bulbs equate to 10W LED light bulbs.

Example - the outstanding E27 R20 LED light bulbs:

  • 6.5W or 8.5W.
  • Retrofit LED lighting solution.
  • Chip-on-Board (COB) technology.
  • 91% energy savings.
  • 95% maintenance savings.
  • Elegant design.
  • Available in daylight, natural and warm colour temperatures.
  • Dimmable is standard with the 6.5W bulbs.
  • Compatible with most Leading-Edge and Trailing Edge wall dimmers.
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • Instant on.
  • Flicker free.
  • Zero UV emissions.
  • No harmful gases or mercury.

LED by Vision is proud to be Carbon Trust accredited which means that clients enjoy products that meet their stringent criteria. Only the best is good enough for them, and for us.

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