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Our interior and exterior lighting specialists pride themselves on their design and innovation skills and our cutting-edge LED lighting products which we utilise to ensure that clients’ unique needs are met, often exceeded, with substantial savings delivered alongside optimum lighting performance and low carbon footprints. Below are just four of our happy clients who approached us for expert LED lighting solutions.

Client Perspectives of Our LED Lighting Solutions

The Camping and Caravanning Club Ltd.

The Club’s original request was for commercial office lighting. Our lighting specialist was soon informed that their street lighting was a considerable drain on their resources.

We suggested that they could achieve optimum LED street lighting performance without the hefty bills via our exceptionally designed Stratus LED street lighting.

Subsequently, by installing 35w LED street lighting and removing the standard 70w sodium bulbs each fitting delivered a 50% or higher saving. The return on investment is 3 years, 8 months.

“From start to finish we have received a fantastic professional service.” - Angela Wheat, The Camping and Caravanning Club Ltd.

The Wire Belt Company Ltd.

They came to us for industrial LED lighting solutions and we were happy to set up a trial area on site for them to evaluate the benefits of LED lighting.

They quickly recognised the significant improvements offered by industrial LED lighting and worked closely with LED by Vision’s team to communicate key drivers and high priority areas across several positions.

The industrial LED lighting installed doubled the lighting levels, made light cleaner and savings of over 60% were achieved. That’s a £10087.87 annual saving.

“LED by Vision were easy to work with and supported us through the process in a responsible and professional manner.” - Paul Walsh, The Wire Belt Company Ltd.

Westcoast Ltd.

Based in Theale, this is an award-winning IT distributor. Keen to maximise their green credentials, the company had already invested in LED office lighting solutions. Their warehouse and stock areas were still using standard lighting and they needed more efficient green credential LED lighting.

LED by Vision’s team were delighted to assist.

100 watt LED high bay lights were installed in these areas, doubling the lighting levels and lowering costs by 78%.

Fluorescent lighting was replaced by our LED lighting and we completed their LED office lighting upgrade. A multi-site project is now under consideration.

Annual savings total £16701.80, so £24139.35 down to £5382.33, with a 1 year, 5 months return on investment.

Stihl Ltd.

This firm manufactures and distributes power tools to professionals.

LED by Vision worked with SSE Contracting and we recognised the need to remove the 500w sodium floodlights and install an energy efficient LED lighting solution. An industrial LED floodlight with high lumen output was selected.

LED by Vision’s robust energy saving and minimal carbon footprint industrial LED floodlights were chosen over competitors’ products. The instant-on attribute raised site security levels, a reassuring bonus.

“The light given off by the new LED floodlights is very clean and very clear.” - Simon Hamilton, Stihl Ltd.

Why not join our list of satisfied clients? We’re keen to help you.

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