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Recent news about the developments in human-centric LED lighting have intrigued the team here at LED by Vision. We think that you’ll be keen to learn more about blue LED lighting and how it could change your life positively.

How it works

Human-centric lighting, which is also known as circadian and biological lighting, tunes the LED lighting frequencies to colour temperatures and brightness levels that suit particular tasks.

The circadian principle states that humans have biologically evolved to become alert with the blue light of morning. This has happened over millennia of living under the sun.

So, blue light is known to be a stimulant and a stream of blue LED lighting when working is highly beneficial. LED’s are tuneable and digital so they can be manufactured to produce the optimum light levels for different situations.

The right light ensures productivity and concentration without the human doing anything differently, they respond naturally to the lighting. A hospital will have unique requirements compared to a school and an office environment will need their LED lighting to be set at a temperature which a home setting won’t necessitate. LED provides the solution for any location and task.

Blue LED lighting in practical applications

Osram is a dynamic force in German LED lighting. The firm has engineered special eyewear for the German skiing team and their installation of circadian LED lighting in a dementia centre has proved extremely helpful to patients.

It’s not just Osram who are working on circadian lighting products.

The Finnish lighting experts at Helvar have developed software which helps to control the human-centric lighting levels. The Danish have installed circadian lighting in several hospitals and this has remarkably led to instances in which medication was reduced. Simply thanks to having LED lighting that is at the best levels for the patients.

Blue LED lighting put to the test

At the May 2017 Nürburgring 24 Hours Race in Germany, a touring car event, the BMW Motorsport team were equipped with the latest innovations from Osram. Their blue LED glasses were worn before and during the demanding race by the drivers and engineers and tailored blue LED lighting was operating in the communal spaces and pit areas to maintain concentration levels, day and night.

There are normally 4 drivers in each vehicle who drive for a shift of 150 minutes. Blue LED lighting maintains peak concentration and the alternative red LED lighting glasses aid relaxation in the breaks.

A spokesperson for Osram commented prior to the race that “LED light glasses are used to help the drivers prepare for races. The blue LED light prepares them for the competition by stimulating the central nervous system.”

These devices added to the luminaires in the common and pit locations were, “…designed to mobilize the energy of drivers and engineers exactly when needed during the arduous 24-hour race and help them sharpen their focus.”

Just think how your operation, task execution and employees could benefit from human-centric lighting solutions.

We’d be delighted to tell you more.

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