LED High Bay Lights – The Best Solution For Your Warehouse

Picture of LED High Bay Lighting

High bay lights are the fixtures you will find in any warehouse, factory, hangar, or similar commercial spaces with high ceilings. You will see different types of fixtures as they have changed quite dramatically over the last few years, and some buildings will still have older style high bay lights.

The first change was from incandescent to florescent lights, and then as fluorescent lights developed further some businesses changed to the newer versions. At the time this seemed a wise move as the estimated energy saving was 21%.

Then LED technology came along. Adoption was a bit slow at first, because as with any new technology, people were a bit wary of it initially. Even though it was offering savings much greater than the fluorescent lights, in the beginning LED high bay lights were expensive to manufacture and install. As further advancements were made the cost started to come down, and the numbers of companies having them installed rose dramatically.

Today, LED technology has taken a tremendous step forward and is now at the forefront of high bay lighting solutions for high ceilinged buildings. With the ability to dim, turn on and off quickly, and control in numerous different ways, LED lighting is a full system rather than just something to illuminate your premises.

Using The Correct High Bay Light Fittings

It is not just a case of all high bay light fittings being the same. The design and type you need depends on the job it has to do. For instance, if you want light focused on the aisles of your warehouse, or on the shelving, you need different high bay lights to someone that wants to light a gymnasium where they want the whole room flooded with light.

Do you want sensors that will turn the lights on and off in selected areas as people move around? You could have sensors that detect the amount of natural daylight and adjust the lights accordingly. It is important to know what you want from your LED lighting solution to make sure the right fittings are used. Otherwise, some months down the line, you could find you need to make adaptions to make the system suitable.

Using Experts For Your LED Lighting Solution

The sensible thing to do is to use experts who understand the whole structure of LED lighting, who will be able to design a system to meet all your needs. If you are looking to replace your warehouse lighting, or any other lighting, get in touch with us at LED By Vision.

Whether it’s a retrofit or full fitting service you require, we are able to help. We have experienced designers who will tailor a bespoke system just for you. Installation is managed with as little disruption as possible, and we will provide a 5-year guarantee on the products we use. You can call us for advice and to arrange a free survey without any obligation to proceed, so why not pick up your phone now and dial 01256 841677. We look forward to hearing from you.

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