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Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

In business, return on investment is a primary consideration. You need to know how soon you can restore finances to their original or better levels. This is true of any investment made for ongoing expenses including lighting, not just core business processes.

At LED by Vision we appreciate that return on investment is as important as the product, its design, cost savings and lifespan. Our team’s aim is to consistently develop products and energy saving lighting solutions that give swift ROI’s with optimised performance via top quality, trustworthy and cutting edge components.

LBV fittings enable clients to substantially reduce fittings thanks to the quality and highly efficient lumen transmittance.

Calculate savings and ROI

To establish the amounts that your enterprise could save please click on our accurate and exceptionally helpful online savings calculator at http://www.ledbyvision.co.uk/savings-calculator.

We assist commercial and industrial clients to make the transition from standard to cost reduction LED lighting smoother and our experienced team is happy to answer questions and resolve any issues that may cause initial concerns.

From government lighting schemes that soften the impact of the expenditure to the Capital Contribution from the Carbon Trust to hasten the ROI, there is financial assistance available so please ask us about the eligibility requirements and how to proceed with these.

http://www.ledbyvision.co.uk/savings-calculator is a fine place to start your journey towards energy saving lighting solutions and from there, why not browse the astonishing LED by Vision product range to appreciate how technology married with our expertise proves beneficial to your business’ profits long after the installation. Also, which products will deliver a pleasing ROI without a delay.

Energy Saving Lighting Solutions Example:

Calculated using 30 standard B22 60w candle lamps active for 10 hours for 5 days per week at 16 pence per kwh.

When an LED by Vision B22 candle lamp cost reduction LED lighting alternative, performing at maximum efficiency, is installed this delivers an estimated saving of £368.64 per year. This breaks down to a £92.16 saving per quarter, quick ROI is possible and tangible from the first electricity bill after installation.

Standard lamps:

  • Usage: 2484kwh.
  • Carbon: 1388.56kg.
  • Cost: £397.44.
  • Lifespan: 5000 hours.

LED by Vision B22 candle lamps:

  • Usage: 180 kwh.
  • Carbon: 100.62kg.
  • Cost: £28.80.
  • Lifespan: 50000 hours.

LED energy saving lighting solutions are the future. A recently published report from the market analysts Technavio stated that using Compound Annual Growth Rate, the global LED lighting market is expected to increase over the next four years by a staggering 20%. This illustrates to the industry and environmental organisations that the message is reaching domestic, industrial and commercial premises owners. The carbon footprint left by our energy consumption is set to diminish gratifyingly. Long may this trend continue.

LED by Vision are at the forefront of the UK development, research, installation and return on investment lighting solutions.

Don’t consign change to another day. Cost reduction LED lighting is within your budget so you don’t have to suffer lesser performance with greater expenditure.

We have a much better LED based solution for you.

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