Emergency LED Lighting Services

Emergency Lighting Solutions

In an emergency, we take the fire, police and ambulance services for granted but if an issue presents itself you should be as prepared as you possibly can be to make your experience safer and less stressful prior to their arrival. Many situations in business premises lead to emergency evacuation.

Is there adequate emergency lighting so that every person can make their way in a safe and timely manner out of the building, no matter where their route takes them? Is the exit path clearly signposted? Do you have standard lighting products but wish to switch to an energy efficient, low cost, optimum performance alternative, namely LED lighting?

You should speak to our experts. Switching to LED lighting with emergency drivers, or standalone emergency LED bulbs couldn’t be easier when you deal with LED by Vision’s team. We understand what our clients need because we take the time to find out what requirements they have and every product meets legislation so clients enjoy peace of mind.

Emergency LED lighting:

  • Optimum visibility and clarity.
  • Significant energy and cost savings.
  • A low carbon footprint.
  • Efficient and regulation adhering emergency LED lighting solutions.

LED by Vision offers…

  • Outstanding customer service, friendliness, approachability and transparency.
  • We manage a project from start to finish.
  • Emergency LED lighting solutions are tailored to our clients’ specific needs.
  • Professional, proficient design and technology.
  • Accumulated years of expertise and experience.
  • Competitive pricing on all emergency LED lighting and sign options.
  • A 5 year guarantee.
  • Up to 5 years on site labour availability.
  • We are proud to be a Carbon Trust accredited supplier.
  • We have government scheme compliant products for the financial aspect of sourcing and/or upgrading emergency LED lighting.

No two LED lighting systems are the same and our site surveys are an integral part of the process when we’re providing your solutions.

Moreover, we don’t talk in jargon so you’ll comprehend what the emergency lighting does, how long for and at what strength. This helps to maintain calmness in a crisis, panic is borne from uncertainty so our emergency LED lighting products, designs and information remove the question marks.

Our use of cutting edge technology, sleek designs and excellent components doesn’t mean that the investment in emergency LED lighting will be alarming. Quite the opposite, we can help you to calculate the return on investment, you should be pleasantly surprised.We normally deliver this information within 48 hours for analysis.

We offer a 14-day trial on our products and we feel that this a primary benefit to clients and ourselves. The trial proves we have the perfect product in place that works for you specifically or whether a different emergency LED lighting product will suit the application more effectively.

Our trusted industry partners work with our design team to facilitate a calm transition to emergency LED lighting systems and we pay 100% attention to safety. We’ve become renowned in the industry and our customer testimonials are gratifying.

Allow us to welcome you to the LED by Vision valued client base.

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