Case Study Revisited - The Wire Belt

Wire Belt 1

LED By Vision made contact with The Wire Belt back in 2016 and worked with Manufacturing Manager Paul Walsh to identify key areas of the business that needed improvement, in particular cleaner lighting to Production and Assembly. 

The initial end results were savings in excess of 60% on previous lighting costs whilst doubling the lighting levels in high priority areas such as Production and Assembly.


Two years on from installation, Wire Belt are still reaping the rewards of LED By Vision lighting.

“We began work with LED by Vision back in June 2016 and the products have been excellent and reliable. The only issues we’ve had have been a minor amount of panel drivers, other than that, everything else has been 100% - we couldn’t be more impressed. You never know you will be looked after until something goes wrong but LBV have handled everything effectively and rapidly, they very much over delivered!

On average, our lights are on for 9 - 12 hours a day and the readings are still above 90%. We’ve received very positive feedback from the workforce, in fact, zones that hadn’t been completed were forced to by demand from employees. It’s raised the look and feel of the work area and maintenance has been virtually eliminated,

We have predicted that the savings to be £9,000.00 PA. We have also won environmental awards as a result of the LED install and other environmental initiatives.

We would definitely recommend LED By Vision. We scored them 10/10 for ease of installation, products, maintenance and energy savings.”



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