Can Retrofit Lighting Help With The Costs Of Your Refurbishment?

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Looking at the costs of refurbishing your office, shop, warehouse, or whatever type of premises you’re in, can be frightening. There are so many different expenses involved in making your premises look new and pristine. You could need new flooring, replacement furniture, redecorating, and a number of other things, including a better lighting system.

A good lighting solution can make a big difference to the ambience of your refurbished premises, and used in the correct way can make your staff happier and more productive. A more evenly spread light can mean less eyestrain and headaches for them, in turn meaning there are fewer hours lost from their job.

Retrofit LED lights act just like new lights, but at a lower installation cost. There are not many things you can save money on when considering a full refurbishment of your premises, but the lighting solution is one of them that will also keep on giving.

The Lighting Choices For Your Refurbishment

When considering the lighting aspect of your premises refurbishment you have three main options to choose from:

  • You could use your existing florescent or incandescent light fittings and just replace all the bulbs, continuing with the same levels of light and running costs as you had previously. This option is not really ideal, and certainly not very environmentally friendly.
  • You could replace all your light fittings with new ones. This would be the most expensive solution of the three options, but sometimes is the only course of action available.
  • You could replace your existing lighting with LED retrofit lights. In between the other two options price wise, this would certainly save you money on future running costs, as well as on the cost of your refurbishment.

It could be that you have no choice in the matter and your existing fittings are so out of date they legally have to be replaced with new ones. If however they are suitable for a retrofit, you could save on the overall cost of updating your premises.

Finding The Best Lighting Solution For Your Refurbished Premises

To find out what is the best lighting solution for your refurbished premises, speak to our experts. We will carry out a full survey of your lighting needs, without any obligation or charge. Retrofit lighting is just ones of our specialities, we can also undertake full lighting refits as well.

Our knowledge and expertise will ensure we always put your requirements before anything else, so get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you. We are so confident of the high quality of the parts we use that we will give you a 5-year guarantee on any installations we complete for you, whether it’s a retrofit or a new full fit lighting solution.

Why not call us now on 01256 841 677, or complete our contact form, and have an informal chat with our experts about how we can help you.


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