Brighten Your Warehouse With Industrial LED Lights

Picture of LED Lights in a Warehouse

Warehouses tend to be high buildings with little or no natural light. Illuminating them effectively can pose lots of unique challenges, particularly if racking has been moved or if the space has undergone a change of use and the lighting has not moved to suit the new layout. Other on-going difficulties, such as short bulb life, can also be an issue as they are often awkward or inaccessible making them difficult to replace.


Poor lighting in a warehouse brings with it the increased risk of accidents, such as inadequate lighting leading to a forklift truck driver not having adequate visibility. Stock can be damaged or another worker could suffer a personal injury. Things like this can affect the efficiency of your warehouse as the likelihood of absenteeism is increased if your employees are constantly working in a dull atmosphere.


There is an easy solution, brighten your warehouse with LED high bay warehouse lighting.


What LED Warehouse Lighting Can Achieve


Lighting that will illuminate dull aisles and wide-open spaces well enough for hazards to be easily identified reducing the risk of accidents and damage as the warehouse can be navigated safely.


The warehouse lighting system most suitable for you will be determined by the building type and the sort of work carried out there. A system specifically designed for a warehouse will have its fixtures positioned as high as possible to reduce the risk of damage from the stacking or moving of goods. This also provides improved light distribution helping to avoid large shadows or dark spots.


An LED lighting system requires little or no maintenance, so it has the added bonus of regular work is not being needed, avoiding workers being at height to change bulbs or repair light fittings.


Warehouses are not cheap places to run and electricity is often one of the biggest overheads. An LED lighting system will help to reduce your energy costs dramatically, as well as being healthier and safer for all the employees that work in your warehouse.


Are You Looking For Warehouse Lighting Suppliers?


If you are actively looking for warehouse lighting suppliers you have probably already realised the advantages of improving the illumination in your premises. You can arrange a free lighting survey and energy report with LED By Vision. Our experience in this sector means we are able to design, supply and install a light system to suit any building regardless of its unique challenges. We guarantee all our installations for 5 years. If you contact us when you are looking for warehouse lighting suppliers, our friendly experts will soon put your mind at ease, and leave you with little doubt we are the best choice.


Arranging your free survey is easy. You can call us on 01256 284677, you can email us at or you can complete our online contact form and we will get in touch with you. However you reach out, the sooner you speak with us, the sooner you will know how we can help you brighten your warehouse.





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