LED Street Lighting - Advantages & Disadvantages (Guide)

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LED technology was made for street lighting. Many people already know that they are environmentally friendly because they consume so little energy and have lower maintenance costs. Which makes them the light of choice for local councils and others responsibilities of lighting our pathways. However, many people believe that this is where the advantages stop. We are here to tell you otherwise.

8 LED Street Lighting Benefits


  1. LED lights reach full brightness instantly - They do not require time to warm up, which makes them a flexible light source.

  2. Far more environmentally friendly - They do not contain lead or mercury and do no mit any poisonous gases. They also give off less CO2 emissions.

  3. Insects don’t like LED lights - This is because they don’t give of ultraviolet rays and they are sealed to protect against outdoor life.

  4. Less glare - As they are directed at the road surface, they do not badly affect drivers vision.

  5. Accurate colour rendering - LED street lighting produces more accurate colour rendering, making it easier for drivers, and others to recognise objects.

  6. Higher light output - LED lights perform better at lower temperatures, which is beneficial over the winter months.

  7. Can withstand most weather conditions - They are dustproof, waterproof and work in all temperatures.

  8. Reduced light pollution - LED street lights work in a way that means this does not happen.


LED Street Lighting Problems

While there are many benefits to LED lighting, like any new technology, there are always disadvantages. LED street lighting is no exception.

At one time, the installation and purchase costs stopped many local authorities from converting to them, but now they are being more mass-produced the relative cost has come down.

Furthermore, they produce an ambience which some people do not like. The light is also directional light, so they can't produce a spherical "glow" emanating in all directions, like most lights. However, lots of people prefer it to the ambience produced by a more traditional streetlight and appreciate the directional light, as it doesn't cause them to shine into homes or create light pollution.

The biggest problem with LED lighting of any kind is that for it to work efficiently, it needs to be planned and installed to a high level. Lights in the wrong places, not enough, or too many of them can cause patches of no light at all, and other areas that are too bright. It needs professionals that understand the whole process from design to installation, and that only use the highest quality products. If they happen to provide a 5 year guarantee on all the parts, that is even better.


LED Component & Driver Quality

So what differentiates LED By Vision’s solutions from that of an “off the shelf” product, which you have been told does exactly the same job. Take an LED 600x600 panel as an example. It is near on impossible to make it look far different to the next. 

What does make it different are key materials, such as the light guide and UGR rated diffuser. These elements alone help maximise the physical lumen efficiency of the product. Our engineers only incorporate the most highly tested and reputable LED chip sets and constant current power sources. The result is a range of solutions tested to L70 standards, offering up to 90% lumen maintenance at 60,000 hours.


What is the future of LED Lighting?

In short, bright!

LEDs are really still in their child phase as far as a lighting technology. They have the ability to be smaller, cheaper, more dynamic, more efficient and possibly brighter than pretty much any other lighting technology. Over the past decade, LED technologies have swept the lighting industry and will continue to take over from old inefficient sodium lamps.


LED Street Lighting Suppliers

LED By Vision is a modern, technology driven company that have the knowledge and expertise needed for your LED lighting installation. Call us on 01256 841677 to arrange a free survey and cost analysis, today, we will be very pleased to assist you.

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