April Product of the Month - 2D Fitting

LED 2D Fitting photo - an example of the product front

Our Product of the Month is the 2D Fitting.

The LED By Vision™ 2D fitting is the product for a flush surface mounted fitting. Designed specifically to ensure it delivers a one-stop shop service level offering. In most instances, this product will be used where there are concrete surfaces or those where the desire is to opt out of cutting.


  1. It is IP54 as standard, making it perfect for outdoors (under shelter), in wash down areas and shower/wet rooms. As well as leisure facilities, retail, accent lighting and suitable for amenity lighting & domestic.

  2. Even with it’s slender and ergonomic design, there is an integrated emergency option which utilises an ION-Lithium battery.


We've found these fittings are notoriously in locations where light is not required at all times. So with that in mind, we've added the option of integrated microwave-sensor and dimming to maximise harvested savings.

This product also has additional features such as:

  • 50,000 Hours
  • Instant On
  • Zero UV
  • No Harmful Gases
  • Dimmable

This fitting comes in three wattages and sizes being 12W, 18W to 25W thus ensuring where higher light levels are required LED By Vision™ can cater to the environments.

Enquire today to see how the LED By Vision™ 2D fitting could benefit your business.

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