WEEE Recycle……….

WEEE Recycle……….

WEEE Compliance – What this means for you….

Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is a huge spectrum of products from computers, fridges, washing machines, printers and faxes, and even fluorescent lighting.

The WEEE Directive is European Environmental Legislation that aims to address the environmental impacts of WEEE and also to encourage the separate collection, re-use, recycling and environmentally sound disposal

Although producers of WEEE have a number obligations, as a Business you may still have “end user” responsibilities under the WEEE regulations. Put simply, you would need to finance the collection, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of WEEE if the item was purchased prior to 13th August 2015. Additionally, as will also be seen in many cases a supplier of WEEE can operate under regulation 12.2 and more often than note WEEE items are purchased post 13th August 2015.

Many businesses have introduced sound company WEEE policies to meet various ISO accreditations and socially responsible WEEE disposal. However, through may recent LED project deliveries we have been asked by clients about the most effective ways to dispose of WEEE and relevant lighting and fittings responsibly.

LED By Vision always aim to go the extra mile to support our clients ensuring that LED lighting projects are delivered in a seamless way with minimised disruption to BAU. Even more recently, this was demonstrated where we took on board the opportunity to help a number of businesses with effective and environmentally sound disposal of redundant lighting and fittings.

When it comes to LED lighting, we always keep the customers’ needs paramount. We openly invite you to contact us to discuss WEEE disposal should there be a need as sustainability remains top of our agenda.

We’ll look forward to working with you.

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