Introducing the Luminous™ high bay range

Picture of a High Bay

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest industrial LED creation – the Luminous™ range of low and high bay solutions.

We wanted to give our customers an alternative to traditional “pendant style” LED low bay / high bay luminaires, giving us the ability to select the best product for the environment’s demands. For example, a large open plan space will require wide throws of light whereas racking isles need concentrated light to the ground. Both examples are about achieving the maximum delivery from the luminaire, and not necessarily having the most powerful or highest lumens per watt solution.

As the Luminous™ range is made from one solid piece of 6063 aluminium this ensures rapid heat transfer keeping the light guide as cool as possible. In turn this will minimise lumen decay.

The units have been designed to replace inefficient 250-400W gas discharge lamps and are comprised of cutting edge Osram chips and Meanwell drivers, delivering 117lm/W. Starting at 80W and going all the way up to 200W the Luminous range is extremely versatile.

The real beauty of these all-weather (IP65) units is the fact the ergonomic design is aesthetically pleasing on the eye, giving our clients the ability to use them in environments of choice.

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