You’ve talked and we’ve listened….. Introducing the LED By Vision Tri-Light

You’ve talked and we’ve listened….. Introducing the LED By Vision Tri-Light

You’ll see from a previous blog that we recently introduced the LED By Vision Luminous™ high bay range. This was designed to give customers choice when it comes to selecting an LED high bay that was both fit for purpose and aesthetically appealing in the installed environment.

After a review of customer feedback, one of the key topics highlighted was the requirement for modernised LED batten fittings. Additionally, we noted a requirement for an LED Batten fitting that was also available as a maintained emergency solution.


We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, but we do believe in giving our customers enduring LED offerings that are robust and fit for purpose.

Last month we launched the LED By Vision Tri-Light™ batten solution. The design of the product incorporated all of the key points our customers highlighted giving us the ability to provide a solution that is simple and easy to install.

This product will replace traditional fluorescent batten fittings and is available in 2ft (20w) to 5ft (60w) variations. As an innovative product it can either be wall mounted, suspended, or surface mounted making it ideal for many (including all-weather) environments given its IP65 rating.

Additionally, as there is no external driver or requirement for external emergency pack, this product gives us the ability to further deliver a “one-stop” LED solution when supporting clients in their move to ultimate efficiency across their estates.


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