7 Ways LED Lighting Can Help Save Our Planet

LED Lighting Solutions 7 Tips for Saving the Planet

The world today is abuzz with the advantages and benefits that LED lighting brings when compared to traditional lighting. A quick comparison of LED lighting to other forms of energy-saving lighting will reveal that LED lighting is the best out of them all, saving energy and providing people with smart solutions to their lighting problems. In fact, the benefits that LED lighting brings are so diverse, that it can help save our planet from environmental destruction. Here is a look at 7 such benefits.

1. Extended life

The number one benefit of LED lighting is that it lasts longer, considerably longer, than other forms of lighting. High quality LED lights can last anywhere between 30,000 – 50,000 hours, sometimes longer. If you left an LED light bulb on for 8 hours every day, you wouldn’t need to replace it for about 20 years. Furthermore, LED lights don’t burn out like traditional lights; they simply dim over time, their output emissions lowering.

2. Efficient use of energy

LED lights don’t need as much energy as traditional lights, using around about 50% less. This creates substantial savings in energy costs, particularly for those lights that remain on for extended time periods. LED lights additionally aim their light in one specific direction, differing from traditional lights, which emit heat and light in all directions. LED lights are mounted on flat surfaces, allowing them to emit light in a hemispheric manner as opposed to spherically. Their directional emission of light also decreases wasted energy and light.

3. Ecologically friendly

LED lights, being free from toxic chemicals, are much friendlier to the environment than traditional lights, which contain a host of harmful materials, materials that are environmentally dangerous, like mercury. Not only do LED lights contain zero toxic materials, they are fully recyclable as well, helping to reduce one’s carbon footprint by up to one third. LED lighting can therefore result in tons of waste being recycled rather being thrown into a landfill. LED lights are paving the way to a much greener future, their longer life spans making one LED light bulb equivalent to 25 traditional light bulbs.

4. Reducing the effects of climate change

If LED lighting were to completely replace traditional lighting, it would help in preventing emissions of greenhouse gases, emissions equivalent to those of 550,000 vehicles. This makes LED lighting a fantastic way of fighting climate change.

5. Operational in extreme temperatures

LED lights operate equally well in extremely hot and cold temperatures, making them different from fluorescent lamps, which don’t operate well in very cold temperatures. This makes LED lights ideal for winters and to operate inside freezers.

6. Instant brightness

Traditional lights can take anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes to reach full brightness. LED lights reach full brightness almost instantly, making them more useful.

7. Low voltage

LED lights can operate smoothly on low voltage power supplies, making them easy to use outdoors, or in rural and remote areas by connecting to solar energy sources.

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