4 Tips for Choosing Your LED Lighting Retrofit Company

LED technology is bigger and better than ever, which makes it the best choice for a smart solution to lighting dilemmas. However, LED has led to many companies popping up that offer cheaper services but only produce poor quality work.

So how can you be sure that the company you choose are experts?

1. LED Retrofits: Are they right for you?

Your first step should be to examine your existing lighting. This form of technology is not the right fit for every environment - as of yet. It may seem odd to hear this from the LED lighting experts, LED By Vision, however, transparency is key and you should have all the facts so that you can make informed business decisions. Often you will go to a company and they are so sales driven that they don’t care if it is right for the job or not; which is why we tell Project Managers to be wary of any company or salesperson that tries to claim otherwise.
LED Lighting Diagram ConsiderationsAs technology evolves we expect the next 10 years to bring new, more advanced resources at cheaper rates. A premises full of well placed modern fluorescents, may be wise to switch to LED lighting in phases; starting with areas in which it can have the largest impact and you can see instant ROI. These could be places such as production lines, warehouses and cranes because they suffer the largest productivity losses when there is poor lighting.

LED retrofit lighting will give the best results in a factory where metal halides or other high intensity lamps are used. LEDs have the potential to cut lighting-related costs in half and cutback overall energy use.

2. The Site Visit: They should come to you.

Site visits are vital once you have chosen an LED lighting retrofit. It is important to remember that there is not a universal standard that ensures your premises has quality coverage when switching from metal halides etc. to LED fixtures. This is because every fixture distributes light differently, which makes in-person, on-site inspections necessary as part of any responsible project design.

Light distribution is impacted by factors such as placement, blockages, wall colours and dust levels. With this in mind, a design that may work in one place will not in another, even if the building is the same square footage. Remember that even over the internet or phone quotes are based on equivalent jobs that can only give a rough estimate and should never be taken as a guarantee. There are also certain businesses that will charge you unwarranted fees for work you could get free or at low cost.

3. Don't fall for their every word.

Project management involves three key elements: quality, service and price. Everyone is looking for something that doesn't really exist, a company that can deliver high-end products at a low price, with additional services included. Do you know why that doesn't exist? Because it is not a sustainable business plan. Companies that offer you the impossible or even something that is just a bit too good to believe, are probably stretching the truth to make their next sale. Make yourself aware of what a good quote will offer you. Expert advice that will help you maximise your ROI should be the top priority.

If you have a limited or a time sensitive budget then a secure quote will include phases of installation to match your budget. The quote is then a path that you can map your goals and resource against, instead of guessing and being left with a botched job. A well planned LED lighting layout will account for changes in light distribution when making the switch from halides/fluorescents to LED retrofit. Understanding that LED output flows horizontally rather than vertically and that grid adjustments may need to be made is a sign of a knowledgeable business.

As well as having a clearly articulated implementation plan your proposal should spell out who responsibility lies with for certain parts of the project from electricians to contractors. If these things are ambiguous then walk away from the deal because no one wants to pay for something twice just because the job was done badly in the first place.

4. Installation done right and without disruptions.

The most important question to ask a potential LED lighting retrofit company is: “Can you guarantee installation that causes minimal workplace disruption?” Paying for project management is valuable, but only if the project management works. By insisting on a single point of contact and confirming a clear plan of responsibility for any delays you will have co-ordinated a successful plan.

With retrofit lighting, installation can be on of the hidden costs. In theory, managing your own project reduces costs however, in practice, your own lack of expertise can cost valuable production time, resource and the quality of your lighting.

Could Retrofit LED Lights Be Your Solution?

If you are concerned about the state of your lights, or if they are near fabrics or materials that are easily combustible, you may be considering changing your lighting system to LED lights.

If this is the case you need to chat to us at LED By Vision, so we can carry out a survey and see if retrofit lights could be your solution. Your existing light fittings must be suitable, and not so outdated that they are illegal, but if it is a possibility that a retrofit would work, we are here to help.

We are LED lighting experts that have already helped many businesses with an LED solution, and retrofit is one of our specialities. Add that to a comprehensive 5-year guarantee and you can have peace of mind that your lighting solution will be in the safest of hands. It costs you nothing to find out more, so why not give us a call on 01256 841677.

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