Our Mission

Our mission has always been to help businesses create and achieve carbon and cost neutral plans through our specialist lighting solutions. 

With EnabLED, our smart lighting control system, we maximise occupancy comfort, safety and provide fine-grain control of energy efficient light, precisely where and when you need it. We can deliver energy savings of more than 90% and our solutions typically pay for themselves within 12 to 24 months.


LED By Vision is a technology driven business and we love what we do, it’s who we are, more importantly we love making sure everything we do revolves around you.

Since starting operations in 2012 there was one value asides the quality of our lighting solutions that stands out more highly than anything else. Our customers.

Several years later we are well aware that holding customers in such high regard and making projects fun as well as professional has been key to our rapid growth and stability.

Our product knowledge and market expertise, coupled with the ability to project manage end-to-end is why our customers commend us most highly. Check our case studies for evidence of this.

LED By Vision has delivered projects for world leaders in their given sector. Deliveries that given the level of excellence these customers expect of themselves, we are extremely proud to have been selected their partners for lighting solution excellence.



Component & Driver Quality.

Our Guarantee.

LED By Vision are proud to offer a 5 year comprehensive guarantee against all of our lighting solutions (both retrofit and full fitting). With a less than 1% failure rating in the past 5 years you can rest-assured that the days of regular captial outlay are gone for good. To reinforce our product guarantee, speak with our technical sales team for details on us managing the installation too. We offer up to 5 years on-site labour, all built into the same package!

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Yet again, technical jargon most will use to get a nod from a customer in professing expertise.

So what differentiates LED By Vision solutions from that of an “off the shelf” product, which you have been told does exactly the same job. Take an LED 600x600 panel as an example. It is near on impossible to make it look far different to the next.

What does make it different are key materials, such as the light guide and UGR rated diffuser. These elements alone help maximise the physical lumen efficiency of the product. Our engineers only incorporate the most highly tested and reputable LED chip sets and constant current power sources. The result is a range of solutions tested to L70 standards, offering up to 90% lumen maintenance at 60,000 hours.


Enhanced Capital Allowance

Take Advantage.

The title hear should scream out to anyone as something along the lines of “Tax Efficiency” or in plain terms “I can save some money”.

For businesses small or large that wish to move to a greener future with slashed operating costs, this is the way.

In short this is exactly what this fantastic government issued opportunity provides.

When it comes to making that decision on a cheaper route or spending more upfront, the deciding factor needn’t be so biased.

The ECA scheme encourages businesses to invest in energy saving plant or machinery (in this instance LED lighting) that in most instances would be too expensive.

First year allowances let your business set 100% of the assets against taxable profits. A huge opportunity and making the aforementioned decision much easier to make.

Within the ECA falls a list of products which carry “Super Green Credentials”, the list is called the Enhanced Technology List (ETL).

You will be pleased to know that ALL LED By Vision “Full Fitting” solutions carry this credential. Making them eligible for this tax efficiency.

For more in depth detail we suggest visiting the below link:


Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

When Opportunity Strikes.

You may have heard the word ESOS flying about over the past 12+ months and have a few questions. First one likely being “what does it stand for”? It stands for Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and is the UK’s response to article 8 of the European Commission’s Energy Efficiency Directive.

So what does this mean for you and who does it affect? In short any business with more than 250 employees OR fewer than 250 employees BUT a turnover exceeding £38,000,000.00*.

There is of course far more than this but should you fall into either of the above categories we suggest clicking below:


So what and where can LED By Vision add value in this process?

Electricity consumption through lighting can account anywhere from 15-40% of a business’s overall electricity costs annually.

Our LED lighting solutions can help eliminate up to 85% of this huge figure. Along with close to 100% of associated maintenance costs.

We work extremely closely with ESOS qualified Lead Assessors to help deliver LED lighting specific enhancements for our customers.

The end result is a seamless, project managed service level offering on:


Supply & installation

Supply, installation & fully funded

All of which is tailored to the ever-changing needs of our cross-sector customer base.

WEEE Compliance

On The Ball.

LED By Vision are WEEE accredited.

Not only to ensure that as a business we are compliant but also to remove a costly hassle factor for our customers.

We offer a collection service to safely remove all “end of life” lamps and luminaires from site.

We manage this entire process as part of our service level offering to all customers. Close to 100% of this is then recycled, element which cannot be recycled are disposed of properly.

Speak to one of our team for more details on this on 01256 841 677 or visit our Contact Us page for other ways of getting in touch.