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Fit & Forget LED Lighting Solutions

The world of LED lighting solutions can be extremely confusing for this reason we have a "Fit & Forget" ethos that allows our customers to relax about our products.

We build trust by targeting the specific requirements needed to achieve optimum results for customers, then selecting the most superior lighting solution from our extensive range of retrofit and full fitting solutions.

This all ensures that you, the customer get the correct product for the job, as opposed to the only product available.

Full Fitting Lighting

Street Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Retro-Fit Lighting

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Making the move to LED hassle free.


Here at LED By Vision we have handcrafted a range of extremely unique LED lamps and luminaires. All of which have been developed with sector specific goals.

Guaranteeing that you have an unrivalled experience in both product & customer service. 





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Preconceptions That Moving To LED Is Too Expensive? Let Our Calculator Show You Otherwise. 

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Our business isn’t just about selling lights! It is also about illustrating to our customers that we are experts in the field of LED lighting solutions.

Read our views, see our work and most important of all come away knowing something about us you didn’t know.



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